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DON'T WASTE TIME -Motivation for Success

We've all heard the sound of a clock Have you ever halted to consider what it implies?There are two fixed points in your life... Birth and Death And what happens in between that's under your control, it's the only thing under your control Now, we have no idea what the distance between birth and death is going to be. And you've heard the story so many times Somebody gets really bad news, they find out they've got life threatening cancer, they've only got a few months to live, they quit their place of employment, sell every one of their assets and go chipping in a distant nation rewarding others, investing energy with the individuals imperative to them and investing time doing the things that truly matter the most.

So, why is it that we wait for such a massive moment for us to take massive action? What if you could change everything today? What if you could change everything in an instant? Right now Watching this video on YouTube, on your phone or your laptop, or wherever you are. What if change could happen? I don't mind how great you are, I don't mind how gifted you are, I don't mind the amount you work on yourself, there are a few times when things

aren't going to go right They're just not going to go right There are times where anything that can happen, will happen Murphy's Law will be knocking at your door Why? I don't know why, that's called life and you have to deal with it Sometimes your life will be in a slump just like sports, some of the best shooters can't hit containers in various occasions and games, they get in a droop. Do they remain uninvolved and say: "you realize I simply didn't hit a container today.No! They continue to execute I suggest to you that if you are facing a challenge... Don't stop Stay busy, work your plan, continue to do those things that you know that work for you after you have evaluated yourself in the situation, continue to move, stay busy, stay busy, stay busy, repeat after to me: "help somebody and help yourself because what you give is what you get" Find somebody that you can help so you can forget about you for a moment. 

Obviously, some of the time the best activity is to be Sometimes you need to simply back up and go inside yourself And I believe there's something straightforward that  you need, that we hear again and again in these motivational speeches, and it's a simple word but it's misunderstood and it's "Belief" If you're going to really change, the first thing that you have to move from an opinion to a belief, and a belief into a conviction is that You are the one that can change, you are the one that is responsible for who you are, where you are in life right now, the things that you do, the things that you don't do, that you know that you should, the things that you have become, the person that you've become, and as a result the things that you have. And there's all kinds of things going on right now, there's all kinds of thoughts going on right now, there's all kinds of feeling but amidst all of those things, amidst the sea of confusion that you might feel Let me ask you a very simple question, a very basic question: Do you believe that you have the power to change? Time is all we have This moment Right now There's only one thing in our lives that we're never able to reacquire once it's gone, and I'm not talking about cash, I'm not discussing material things, I'm discussing time And it's a particularly remarkable idea, an extraordinary thought, since when used effectively, it contains the fixings to success, to happiness, to growth, prosperity all the things we want, but at the very same time, if neglected it leaves us with very little. Because the truth is every morning when you wake up you are living minutes you will never get back, you are breathing air you will never take in again, it is your one opportunity to embrace this gift, and every second sees a little of it slip away. Also, my point is that there is no second more significant, more awesome, than the present moment, not in seven days, not after your advancement, not in 30 years when you plan to retire and relax. Right now See, we have this mentality that the future is going to somehow mean more than the present, that if we suffer now, or if we're unhappy now, that will save the best in life for some other time. But the reality is we don't get younger Yes! We ought to be buckling down, totally, achievement comes from exertion, difficult work, devotion, perseverance, yet the key is Allocate your valuable chance to the work, to the things that make you feel like today is powerful, that right now is so amazing you don't want it to end. 

Today is when you take the first step towards the things you want When you become who you want to become No one is ever or will ever keep you from that other than yourself There is no ceiling, there is no limitation, there is no special requirement, there is you and what you allow yourself to accomplish, you are the gatekeeper, you have your foot on the gas pedal. And it's so easy to point to others, right? To point to our environment, to blame things on everything, but our own decision, our decision to stick to the status quo, because believe it or not,it is that basic you are the place where you are on the grounds that that is the place where you chose to be, and you've acknowledged that as OK Look, in the event that you need change, at that point produce change, make an arrangement and move, go, change, venture off of your mind and into this present reality. Think about how lucky we are, to be alive in this day and age with access to all the information we can ever dream of, technology that enables growth, freedom to pursue any path that looks appealing, anything we could ever want is right in front of us. Yet we don't embrace it. Why? Why in the world would we let that be? Nothing is more important in life than living it, nothing makes us feel more energized, more free, more happy than following the path we were meant to take. It's having the courage to step over the obstacles, to face the challenges, to be uncomfortable And at the beginning it's tough, right? Change is tough, getting what you want isn't easy there's a period of struggle, of growth, but once you get through it You understand what living really is!

 Which brings us right back to the concept of time, our small existence on this planet, the greatest gift a human being can receive, you by default have it Absolutely never let it be to no end what's to come isn't when satisfaction some time or another happens, it's a continuation of you living each second without limit, from this point until your last,make every trip around the Sun better than the previous, never let a moment of sunshine, clouds or rain, deprive you of your gift. Be the best version of yourself you can be Live the life you're meant to live All it takes is a simple decision! In this way, when you envision the change that you need to make in your life, the individual that you realize you need to be, that you ought to be, founded on the assets and thoughts that you have. What is preventing you What's preventing you from getting up ahead of schedule?

 What's stopping you from creating good habits? What's stopping you from cutting people out of your life that you know no longer serve you? That clock it's always ticking And one day it won't You'll be met with silence And this journey it will end And at that moment, when people look at your tombstone, when they go to your burial service What is it that you need them to recollect you for? What sort of effect and heritage would you like to give up through the exercise that is your life?And are you really living that lesson every single day? Stop waiting for tomorrow, stop waiting for the perfect moment And start now Start believing Start dreaming And create the life and the person that you really want to see. Because like I said at the beginning.


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