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5 Tips to get an Approved AdSense Account.

 5 Tips to get an Approved AdSense Account

Well these days newbie bloggers just want to step into the blogosphere and start earning money right away. They just don’t seem to have a bit of patience.

That’s the reason they don’t become pro bloggers, because patience is one of main Pillars of Blogging.

Anyway getting onto today’s topic about Google AdSense. Have you heard of anyone saying that ‘I don’t want an AdSense Account’ ? Nope, anyone would obviously want to make money out of it.

But Google has learnt lessons from the past & it is pretty strict these days with the Approval process; specially for Asian users (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc). So today I’m going to list out 5 Tips to get an Approved AdSense Account. Lets start with the first one.

5 Tips to get an Approved AdSense Account.
5 Tips to get an Approved AdSense Account.

1. Produce Quality Content

The first and foremost thing you must do to get an AdSense account is to produce quality content. Yes, I know it’s difficult for any new blogger to just start writing killer posts. You don’t have to write brilliant posts, just stop publishing rubbish or worthless content. Google hates such valueless posts.

2. Never Publish Copied Content

Don’t try to be smart by publishing copied content & saying that it’s a quality post. Yes, the content may be a quality one, but once copied it losses all it’s quality.

By copying posts you are not only lessening your chances of getting an approved AdSense Account, but also you are giving an Open invitation to search engines to penalize you. It effects your On Site SEO badly.

3. Fill up the Application Form Correctly.

Something you’ve quality content, promote your posts nicely to invite good quality traffic; but you fail to be serious enough while filling the AdSense Application Form. Never fake your name, address or phone number.

The verification is done by a group of people, not by bots. I did the mistake of signing up on PayPal with my pet name (alias). Now, I’ve to open a new account to link my bank account or cards.

So, proof read after you’ve filled the Application form for spelling mistakes, blank spaces, etc. If your personal information doesn’t match with the information on your domain registration then your Application will be Rejected by AdSense team stating a ‘Page Type’ Error.

5 Tips to get an Approved AdSense Account.
5 Tips to get an Approved AdSense Account.

4. Make your Site Easily Navigable.

Making your site Easily Navigable is very important, before you submit your AdSense Application for review. If your site is pretty much congested, then you can forget the thought of getting an Approved AdSense account.

Remember, AdSense team wants your visitors to genuinely click on their Advertiser’s ads. As far as possible try using a white – grey (shade) as your blog’s background.

5. Wait for 6 Months before Applying for AdSense

By this heading ‘Wait for 6 Months’ I don’t mean to say that you just need to buy a new domain and keep waiting for the 6 month period to get over. What I mean to say is, to write some 50+ quality posts, invite good amount of traffic i.e. at least 100-125 Unique Visits per day.

Yes, this is a rule for only Asian Countries. But even if you are staying abroad & you get approval within few weeks of your blog’s launch; will your earning be more than a dollar a day ? Nope, you still need quality traffic to earn more.

Finally,5 Tips to get an Approved AdSense Account.  if none of the above 5 Tips seem to work for you, like it did for me then go to AdSense Revenue Sites like Indyarocks, YouTube, etc and apply from there. I would still recommend you keep working hard on your blog’s content rather than going for revenue sites.

Hope you liked these tips & it helped you in getting an AdSense approval for your blog or site.

Have you struggled to get an Approved AdSense Account ?


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