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Free Traffic And Yours For The Taking

Free Traffic And Yours For The Taking

Surely you've tried advertising on a classified ads site? No, never? Then you probably don't realise how much you are missing out on potential buyers, eager to buy what you have to offer.

You are not alone here. In fact, most businesses, large and small, never consider classified ads sites as part of their business marketing strategy. They certainly should. There are many reasons to do so.

There are some really big players in the field, classified sites which generate enormous amounts of traffic on a daily basis.

An example of one of the giant players in the field is Gumtree, which started out as a small local classified ads and community site eight years ago in London. From small beginnings, the site has grown to the point where it attracts a million visitors monthly. So, would your business benefit from a little Gumtree traffic?
Free Traffic And Yours For The Taking
Free Traffic And Yours For The Taking

There's another player not to be ignored. Loot is different from many other online classified sites in that it combines both the print world and the Web, all under the umbrella of Associated Newspapers, owners of the Evening Standard, Metro, the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday, amongst other titles.

Loot is well known - a household name in fact - through the more than 20 years in the buying and selling game. Online and print combine to give it a reach in the order of 2 million every month. Around 500,000 of those visit the website itself. Just a small portion of such massive traffic would benefit any web business.

And there are quite a few other major players to look at. is one. Another is Yet another is, which displays in the order of about half a million ads on its website at any one time. Staggering numbers.

But it doesn't stop there. For there are many other major sites which could have been listed and which provide significant traffic, too. But if there are major players then there are lesser players. Don't ignore these although just how much traffic each might provide is much harder to work out.

As with the major players, one of the many positives is the ad placing process is usually easy and free. So why not sign up with a few of the minor sites at a time. Shouldn't take you long to do and the combined traffic should be worth the effort. But nothing is guaranteed. Use the sites that return even a modest amount of traffic. Discard the rest.

And talking of "minor" players, why not try my own classified ads site - It's been up and running for about a year now. Hopefully, at some point in the future, it will be able to hold its own next to the big boys. Time alone will tell.
Free Traffic And Yours For The Taking
Free Traffic And Yours For The Taking

With around 5,000 visitors a month and some 500 ads, may not be in the Gumtree, Loot or Vivastreet league. But even these major sites were small once-upon-a-time.

A final thought or two, to lighten the mood. Classified ad sites reflect the world we live in - which at times borders on the weird, judging by some of the ads posted!

Loot, for example, lists a few of the more bizarre ads they've seen, which include the selling of a Mr Whippy ice cream van, Australian shark cartilage, manure, a pencil sharpener collection, an organic wormery and a life size dalek.

And classified ads attract all kinds of people - including British royalty, it would seem. Apparently, the Duchess of Kent sold her second-hand fridge through Loot in 2004.

Says it all, doesn't it? Good enough for the royals then good enough for the likes of you and me. Time to start posting those ads, don't you think? Might be just what your business has been waiting for.


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